About Us

HYPERION (UK) LTD., One of the Leading export/import distributors of original quality spare parts for passenger cars, Trucks, Bus, Trailer, Heavy Equipment, Marine spare parts and other specialized services for the professional market suppliers and its surrounding region. 

The name "HYPERION (UK) LTD.” is well known for sourcing & specializing in the field of supplies for standard and nonstandard (Critical & Special) items and services for renowned manufacturers worldwide. 

All our operations are directed and supervised by dedicated professionals whose prime objective is to achieve customer satisfaction by rendering the most reliable and competitive services possible. 

Our services of expertise include, re-manufactured units, spare parts, precision machine works such as Engine parts, Clutch plates, Transmission parts, Rear Axle & Front Axle, Differential assembly, Steering gears & parts, Hydraulic Pumps, Motor Control Valve, Seals and Seal Kit, Hydraulic Hoses, Fittings and Filters. Mechanical, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Brake system & Parts, Hydraulic, Air & Water Elements and Filters, Wheels, Sheet Metal body parts, Gauges, Link arms, Tie Rods, Brake Lining for various type of equipment.

Our Objective is to fulfill the requirements of our customers while continuing to enhance and upgrade our services and client base, thereby leading to the satisfaction of our customers and establishment of our excellence and supremacy in the market.

With the above Objective in mind we are always proactive to situations and are always on the lookout for new associations / relationships which could be mutually beneficial. We bring with us the trust and understanding we have gained throughout this region through our sincere and honest handling of our trading. We are always open to new and innovative relationships and hope to always learn from every experience.

We have a wide customer base with varied interests and requirements and we feel that it is our responsibility to adapt and modify our business plan and structure to meet our customer’s needs.